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Convection Oven: Is It Necessary For Your Business?

Convection Oven

Are you interested in opening a restaurant business? Do you know the kinds of commercial equipment in the kitchen you will need? In this article, we will help you determine if you will need to acquire a convection oven or if it’s not necessary to have. Convection ovens are becoming popular in the food and […]

10 Ways to Spruce up Your Dining Room  

Cleaning Your Restaurant | Spruce up Your Dining Room

Nowadays, there are different kinds of restaurants that cater to our love for food. Of course, food lovers would also want to eat in a place where they can feel cozy and be assured that the foods they are eating are in high quality. Do you have a restaurant business? Would you know when you […]

How to Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Most of the time, restaurants are always filled with customers from businessmen and even children, especially the most successful restaurants. Customers come anytime of the day to have their meals thinking that they will always receive healthy and sanitised food from the restaurant they are visiting. Accumulated filth and food remains interfere with the performance […]

Getting the most from Commercial Toasters

Every morning, we need to get a good breakfast before we head for work. We usually head into the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee and then toast some sliced bread for one to two minutes. Toasters are a very common tool in the kitchen, and even the kids love to use it. There […]

How to Make a Perfect Cappuccino Coffee

Perfect Cappuccino

Follow the steps below to make the perfect cup of cappuccino in your cafe or restuarant: A perfect cappuccino has both a shot of espresso and simple foamed/frothy milk. What makes it different is that the light foam sits directly on top of the espresso shot and does not mix with the coffee drink at […]

Procook Vacuum Machines

Procook Vacuum Machines

Procook sells a range of Vacuum Machines and Bags to the Brisbane area. Procook provides both Brice and International Catering Equipment (ICE) Vacuum Sealers and Machines perfect for sealing in the freshness of your food. These sealers are perfect for fresh meat packaging with materials and equipment systems that help processors package and market a variety […]

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Brisbane

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Brisbane

We are one of the leading Commercial Kitchen Equipment Brisbane suppliers with a range of products and supplies to fit all sorts of kitchens, restaurants and bars. We specialise in kitchen fit outs and working with you to get you the best commercial kitchen equipment that will help run your business. Efficiency and consistency are essential for […]

What is the difference between Ice Cubes?

difference between Ice Cubes

There are at least 8 different kinds of Manitowoc commercially used Ice Cubes. While all might essentially do the same thing, the difference between Ice Cubes are designed for different situations as listed below: Half Dice: Hard, clear ice cube with unique shape. Produced with vertical evaporator for maximum efficiency. Maximum cooling with nearly 100% […]