A Solution to your Ever Increasing Energy Bill in your Restaurant.

Spending too much on your energy bill?

One of the benefits of a power bill being a variable expense is the anticipation of the ‘Unknown’. The cold sweat and increase in heart rate prior to opening the dreaded bill is sure to be considered a beneficial workout – Just like going to the gym right?

Energy Efficient
How ‘cool’ would this be to solve your energy problems?

Wondering if this time it will be different…. Thinking back over all the power saving steps you are sure you had implemented in the last month increasing your eagerness to see how your success has reduced your costs this time around.

Then you see it…. & all your hopes and dreams of an energy efficient business remains a constant “Work in Progress”, effectively resharpening your resolve to do better, promises of surrendering your first born child to the electric company… ok perhaps not that far & perhaps you don’t take your energy consumption quite so serious to take a second look at the total usage and costs. But we are all aware that an energy efficient kitchen is not only great for the environment but cost effective in the long term.

Another benefit of the power bill being a variable expense is that it CAN be reduced to a more manageable amount where instead of getting your workout from the stress of opening mail, you can enjoy the benefits of enjoying the environment you’re helping & achieve a more ‘stress-free’ workout.

You may implement a strict schedule for daily equipment shut-downs, maintenance & cleaning of air vents – & although these are great tips that should be followed as they will assist you – but the more long-lasting ways to significantly cut power bills is to ensure your equipment is energy efficient in the first instance.

Energy Efficient
Not quite what I would recommend… After all, what you save in energy, you spend in insulation… Am I right?

Information derived from www.energyrating.gov.au states the following:

End users that would benefit from improved energy efficiency measures include supermarkets, food processors, dairy industry fishing fleets, schools, cafes and restaurants and refrigerated transport.

As shown in Figure 1, the electricity consumption of commercial refrigeration is largest in supermarkets, and process and cold storage.”

refrigeration_commercial pie chart

Figure 1: Distribution of electricity consumption in non-domestic refrigeration, Australia, 2008 (Source: In From the Cold 2010-2020, E3 Committee, 2011)

As you can see, ‘Cold Storage’ is an area in which there can always be improvement, and you will be pleased to know that SKOPE has now introduced a new ACTIVECORE™ energy efficient range that adheres to the 10 year government strategy on improving commercial refrigeration!

This is very exciting because these units only cost about $600 per year to run! I’m sure you will agree that this is extremely beneficial to business owners in the industry.

Plus! For a limited time, you can take advantage of the additional 1 year warranty*!

The new ActiveCore range are as follows:

Want to compare the savings? This Engery Compariation Flyer shows the ActiveCore savings from 1 to 5 years! There’s the new catering equipment you wanted!!

So if you’re ready to start up or upgrade your kitchen, you should consider investing in an ActiveCore Chiller. Be apart of the energy efficient strategy and save money too!

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