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Experienced Australian Commercial Kitchen Designers and Suppliers

Commercial Kitchen Designers

Commercial Kitchen Suppliers Procook Catering Equipment Brisbane has a lot to offer. Procook sells a huge product range – everything your kitchen could desire. Our extensive range includes: All types of commercial kitchen equipment, Restaurant equipment, Café equipment, Commercial cooking equipment, Hospitality equipment, bar equipment and much more. If you can’t find what you are looking […]

Brisbane’s Street Food Scene is Booming

street food scene

By now you have probably heard of some of Brisbane’s latest street food vans such as The Bun Mobile, and Juan More Taco, but with the recent popularity of Hamilton’s Eat Street Markets (and its iconic street food), expect a boom in quality street food roaming around the Brisbane streets. In fact currently Eat Street Markets have […]

Roband Quartz Heat Lamps now featuring Easy Fit Globes

Roband Quartz Heat Lamps

Roband are pleased to present our new range of Roband Quartz Heat Lamps now featuring Easy Fit Globes Assemblies. The new Heat Lamps look very similar to the previous style with the same features such as power, length, lamp position and the mounting system. However, the Lamp Assemblies have been redesigned to accommodate our Easy Fit […]