Tips To Run A Successful Coffee Shop: Equipment, Supplies, Accessories and More

Tips To Run A Successful Coffee Shop

Tips To Run A Successful Coffee Shop

Running a coffee shop can give you a great feeling, especially if you see that your customers are happy and satisfied with your coffee and other food items in the café. Establishing a coffee shop will require you to have high quality equipment and ingredients to help you create delicious coffee drinks. Below are the Tips To Run A Successful Coffee Shop. Tips To Run A Successful Coffee Shop

Coffee Equipment

When ordering a coffee machine or brewing equipment, its important to consider what the amount of liquid volume will be like and how much space is available on your working area or how busy the peak hours will be.

Style: Pour Over or Automatic Brewers

There are two types of coffee makers in the market: first is the pour over coffee machine and automatic coffee making equipment. Pour over brewers are efficient for low volume café establishments. This machine requires water to be poured in as opposed to having a water line, which makes them portable coffee machine. Pour overs are not the best option for a full service cafe that serves large amounts of coffee though.  The best option will be the automatic brewer, which requires water connection to provide a constant supply of coffee.

Space: In-Line or Low Profile

As far as the space goes, there are low profile and in-line brewers. The in-line brewers are ideal for narrow settings where height isn’t an issue. They are vertically shaped and hold decanters on the top.  The low profile coffee brewers are best when width is not an issue and hold decanters to the sides of the equipment making them ideal for horizontal coffee shop setting.Tips To Run A Successful Coffee Shop

Brew Features

Many brewers actually include a built-in option for hot water which is essential for tea and oatmeal. If you need or want to save energy, then you need to look for units with automatic shut-off or a unit with energy saving mode. The energy saving mode is great in between peak hours to enable baristas to get right back into the swing of things quickly.

Other Types of Equipment

Coffee shops can also use equipment called coffee grinder to grind their own coffee beans.  This will allow the cafe operators to gain more control plus create a coffee drink with fresher and better taste.  A fresh and unique taste is what will set a coffee shop apart from other thousands cafes out there.


Supplies and AccessoriesTips To Run A Successful Coffee Shop

The coffee supplies used to serve coffee beverages or display coffee condiments are just as important as the coffee equipment. They are used for the final presentation and serving of coffee.  There are different kinds of serving containers from decanters and air pots to coffee beverage carafes and servers.  If you are not using a disposable drinking cup, there are varieties of styles of china mugs to choose from too.


Organize, Organize, Organize

Organization helps staffs and customers. With cafes, the customers come in to get their coffee beverage as quickly as possible then they will move on to their next task. Even if they plan on staying in your coffee shop, they are not coming to the shop to wait in a long line–which is why the staff must always be prepared.

Here are some ideas to be as organized as possible:

  • Cup and Lid Dispensers: Help to avoid items tumbling over, or scattered around which wastes space
  • Condiment Organizers: Help customers quickly identify the items they want to complement their beverage.
  • Built-In Trash Bins:Allow customers to quickly throw away wrappers, containers, etc. from the condiment station. They are built right in.
  • Waiting Systems: Some drinks take longer than others. Look at your space and determine a way to get people through as quickly as possible. Perhaps it means two lines, or it could also include a spacious area for customers to stand in while they wait. Toss in a newspaper, or even a convenient charting station.
  • Back of the house shelving: Have a system in place for storing the items that cannot be left out when the coffee shop is closed.



Tips To Run A Successful Coffee ShopCustomer Experience

You can always attain a great coffee and establishment set-up, but there is more to the customer’s experience than that. One of the most essential things is the restaurant furniture. Since many customers plan to stay at your coffee shop for hours, make sure that the chairs can be comfortably sat in for extended periods of time.




A few other things to consider include:

  • Complimentary WiFi and charging stations
  • Music from Pandora, Sirius XM or other music services–choose the best for your environment
  • Food (Pastries, sandwiches, snacks)
  • Trained staff that is friendly toward customers

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