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Things to Consider When Buying Catering Equipment

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Are you interested in opening or are currently running a catering business or restaurant? Selecting the right types of kitchen equipment is a hard thing to do, especially if you don’t know what you need. Just like in opening a business, you should have the right information on how you could operate the business. When […]

Microwave Cleaning: Microsave

Microwave cleaning

Microwave equipment are very helpful in keeping the food warm and bacteria free. This is why it  is very important to have a microwave in your restaurant kitchen when operating. Having a microwave in your kitchen will make it easier for your staff to serve food on time and serve the orders warm or hot. We […]

Essential Catering Equipment For Summer

catering equipment supplier | Kitchen Equipment | buying catering equipment | catering equipment

Summer time is upon us! Are you ready for the summer heat? How about your restaurant and kitchen or catering equipment? Can you create cool dishes this summer?   As we all know, summer time brings out the sweat in all of us, which is why we all tend to look for drinks and foods that will […]

Why Casual Dining Is Becoming More Popular

casual dining

There are multiple kinds of restaurant establishments; some are fast food restaurants, formal or buffet style, and some have a casual atmosphere which is called casual dining. Some restaurants don’t even have tables and chairs in them, as customers leave right after they have received their orders. The various kinds of restaurants depend on the […]

Steam Kettles for Large Orders

Operating a huge restaurant or food service business is definitely a big task. Servicing a company café, institution, school hospital or even a correctional facility can be tricky. Creating different kinds of dishes for a huge number of customers like soup, desserts and meals needs a lot of time for preparation, as these food establishments […]

The Danger Zone in Food Safety Temperatures

Food Safety Temperatures

Having a restaurant of  your own not only means that you have to make profits, but you also need to make sure that your customers are happy with what you are serving them plus giving them a different experience when they are dining in your restaurant. Food safety is very important in all dining establishments, […]

New Line of Convotherm Steamer Ovens

Convotherm Steamer Ovens

Working in a restaurant and owning one can be equally difficult tasks, since both help the restaurant work through success. One of the things both people need to do is to keep an eye on the stocks whether its perishable goods or restaurant equipment. Anything that can make your restaurant business successful will be essential […]

20 Of The World’s Best Restaurant And Bar Interior Designs

A restaurant, bar, cafe and any other dining establishment with good and high quality interior design can do so much for a business. It can elevate the look of the entire restaurant and the guests will also know what to expect from the restaurant. Here are 20 Of The World’s Best Restaurant And Bar Interior […]

Five Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Choosing Outdoor Cafe Furniture

Starting a restaurant business, fresh concepts are needed to execute a great restaurant. This is a great way to invite your future customers in your newly opened restaurant. You need to attract them, as well as to help them trust you at the first time.  Considerations when choosing outdoor cafe furniture: Budget Assess your funds […]

Top Appliances for Bars

commercial bar fridges | Appliances for Bars

Every restaurant and bars must know the right kitchen equipment to make their service efficient without taking out the quality of their meals. You must be serving cold drinks when they ought to be cold and hot drinks when they are expecting to be hot. Of course, most bars and restaurants offer cold drinks which […]