New Line of Convotherm Steamer Ovens

Convotherm Steamer Ovens

Working in a restaurant and owning one can be equally difficult tasks, since both help the restaurant work through success. One of the things both people need to do is to keep an eye on the stocks whether its perishable goods or restaurant equipment. Anything that can make your restaurant business successful will be essential in the process. By checking out new cooking techniques, innovations and trending restaurant styles, you can help establish your restaurant’s name and gather new guests in your restaurant. Convotherm steamer ovens should be a new addition to your restaurant equipment,  if you want your food establishment to succeed.


Convotherm Steamer OvensWhat is a Convotherm Steamer Ovens?

A Convotherm Steamer Oven is a combination of a steamer and a oven which is essential in cooking high quality restaurant meals. It is simple to use, looks great and its made out of quality materials in Germany. Convotherm is the pioneer of steam cooking and has created numerous high quality steam cookers that quality restaurants rely on. Convotherm Steamer Ovens combine smart technology with commercial kitchen design basics such as robust construction and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Convotherm 4

Convotherm 4 is the latest in the Convotherm steam cooking range which includes choices of different models and sizes which are most commonly available in versions of electric and gas. This means they offer customers a hugely flexible choice of product without compromising on quality or design.

Convotherm’s smallest steaming oven called, the Mini, is 51cm wide and 45kg in weight, therefore it can fit in the smallest spaces. For large commercial kitchens, Convotherm’s 20.20C which weighs in at 340kg and can hold 40 or 20 trays, depending on the size and configuration is the better choice.

Convotherm 4 steam cooking models can also benefit from optional extra features, so you can attach the equipment around your existing catering equipment and old kitchen set-up. These optional features include external sous-vide sensors, core temperature sensor, Ethernet and LAN connections for monitoring remotely, disappearing doors for more space and safety, and a built-in condensation hood for speedy steam and vapour removal.

If you want an easytouch or easydial control for your convotherm steam cookers, then this is possible anytime. Just choose between the complete control of an easyDial operating system or the intuitive simplicity of easyTouch.

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