Convection Oven: Is It Necessary For Your Business?

Convection Oven

Are you interested in opening a restaurant business? Do you know the kinds of commercial equipment in the kitchen you will need? In this article, we will help you determine if you will need to acquire a convection oven or if it’s not necessary to have.

Convection OvenConvection ovens are becoming popular in the food and restaurant industry, it can be used with gas or plugged in electricity. Convection ovens are used in successful restaurant businesses as it helps the food taste better and cook faster than the usual required time.

Types of Convection Oven

We all know that restaurant employees are always busy which is why convection ovens always come in handy since it’s a time saving machine. There are two types of convection ovens:

  • Countertop Convection Oven Models which are ideal for smaller restaurant establishments.
  • Floor Convection Oven Models which are designed for light duty appetisers like pastries, cookies and other desserts.

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Cook Better Food with a Convection Oven

When you use a convection oven, the food tends to cook faster. The meat softens in a matter of minutes and remains juicy since the convection oven is designed to have heat surrounding your food. Overall, the food cooked under a convection oven tends to cook 25 percent faster, juicier and better.


Convection Oven Cooking Tips

If you have decided to use a convection oven for cooking, you may want to make use of the following tips:

  • If it’s your first time to use a convection oven, you must read the manual guide which came with your purchase since every oven varies.
  • For recipes that are more than a decade old, the cooking time must be done by less than 25 percent in timing. Consider checking its doneness about three quarters of the usual time stated in the recipe.
  • Place your food in the center of the convection oven so the air inside can circulate evenly around the food.
  • Always use a meat thermometer to make sure your meat cooks perfectly, since convection ovens cooked faster than the usual.
  • If you want crispy crust or crispy skin on the outside of your meat, then you must keep your baking vessel uncovered to get your desired crispiness or a nicely brown crust.

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