Ten Tips for Using a Dolly

Tips for Using a Dolly

If you have a catering business, then having the capacity to carry a complete list of meals and equipment from the main kitchen area to your occasion is crucial to your success. Often times when we are in the rush of doing things, we may grab the nearest helpful cart with tires on it and start packing, piling as the items from one to another believing it will help us conserve time and save us from a variety of trips needed to be done.

Tips for Using a DollyHowever, lifting heavy objects and even too much of carrying can lead to back disorder, which will keep you off from getting employed and paying the bills you need to pay. According to the research of OSHA, back pains may lead to back disorders and these leads to loss of productivity and even cost lots of money for medication.

Businesses like factories, supermarket, bakeries and even catering services needs to carry and transfer their items from one place to another, which is why a dolly will always be handy.

Below are some tips for using a dolly

  1. Before loading the dolly with your items, try and perform a quick check around the dolly to make sure that nothing could impose a hazard. See if there are no casters loose or defective wheels etc.
  2. Once you’ve decided to load your dolly with foods or any other items, always bend your knees when lifting these things. Lifting while kneeling will ensure that you are not placing the force into your back. It is also important to ask help from a colleague if huge items are to be lifted. Usage the molded-in ergonomic handles on either side for a 2-person lift.
  3. To balance the dolly, load the heavier objects on the bottom trays. This will also prevent your loads from falling. Cambro carriers and dollies are made to be used together as items stay safely on the dolly while doors can still swing open totally.
  4. Make sure that nothing hangs off especially if you’re using a cambro carrier.
  5. Dollies and cambro carriers have straps that must be used all the time to secure your items.
  6. It is recommended to load on a height of five feet. Your load must be low enough to see over.
  7. Keep your knees bent and keep a straight back. Push your loads rather than pulling them.
  8. To be safe, stop at corners and doorways. Look around before pushing the dolly.
  9. Avoid walking backwards unless you need to maneuver it around.
  10. Never ride the dollies as they are not intended to be played on.


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