10 Ways to Spruce up Your Dining Room  

Cleaning Your Restaurant | Spruce up Your Dining Room

Nowadays, there are different kinds of restaurants that cater to our love for food. Of course, food lovers would also want to eat in a place where they can feel cozy and be assured that the foods they are eating are in high quality.

Spruce up Your Dining RoomDo you have a restaurant business? Would you know when you have last upgraded your kitchen utensils, commercial kitchen equipment and appliances? You must realise how much these things will help you gain customers and increase in profit. This article will help you get some ideas on which items or kitchen equipment you should upgrade and how  you can improve the look of your restaurant.

Spruce up Your Dining Room

Make Room in your Dining Room

Your restaurant should have enough space to walk in and out. You should realize that your wait staffs need enough space to bring food from time to time. It will be a great help for them if they wouldn’t have a hard time bringing food from the kitchen to the customer’s table.

You’ll need at least ten to twelve square feet per person for a casual setting and banquet setting. For cafeterias, it will require you to have at least twelve to fourteen feet per person. The proper amount of space at the tables must be provided. Also make sure your aisles are clear.

Spruce up Your Dining RoomOffer Sample Shooters

With sample shooters on hand, you can give the customers an idea of the new and even old selections that you have. It’s a great way to help them kick off a meal and allow your customers to test out new drinks. You can also use your draft beers to save some money.

Liven Up The White with Place mats and Tablecloths

Most of the time, restaurants use the color white place mats and tablecloths. This is because they wouldn’t want to risk the special or great colors to be discontinued. However, this may leave the restaurant tables to look bland. If this is you, then you might want to use colorful and classy place mats and tablecloths. Doing so can help accentuate the chinaware and silverware. You should also find a centerpiece to go along with the color of your tablecloth and place mats.


Tapas are becoming more popular nowadays and you should start adding it to your menu. With tapas style, the restaurants serve several small plates into the table of their customer, few plates at a time. This style can help your customers share foods and talk over their drinks. You can offer appetizers while others as an option.

Spruce up Your Dining RoomAll Things Menu

Have you updated your menu? Your menus must always be updated. Sometimes, menus tend to get dull, outdated and sticky. There are different styles of food to choose from but you should know what the people in your location want.


If your flatware is looking rough, you should consider getting an upgrade. Your flatware also helps in t
he presentation. You should keep your flatware neat and must pair with the color of your tablecloth and place

Food Tables and Salad Bars

Salad bars and food tables would be great for self-service kind of restaurant. You can place salad ingredients and make the customers get what they want all by themselves.

Spruce up Your Dining RoomUpscale Wine Glass

Food services and other restaurants use wine glasses. You should also use wine glasses together with water glasses. Customers would want to feel special especially on romantic dates.

Clean the Carpet

Other than cleaning your kitchen utensils, appliance and equipment, you should also make sure to have a clean carpet. Dirty carpets tend to make a smelly restaurant and customers will always notice the difference of a clean and dirty dining establishment. Always clean your carpets and change it from time to time.

Don’t forget the outside

The look of your restaurant from the outside will be responsible in getting customers. Make sure your restaurant looks classy and clean from the outside at all times. You can also upgrade your restaurant logo and make sure the lighting for your logo is bright enough.

10 Ways to Spruce up Your Dining Room

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