How to Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Most of the time, restaurants are always filled with customers from businessmen and even children, especially the most successful restaurants. Customers come anytime of the day to have their meals thinking that they will always receive healthy and sanitised food from the restaurant they are visiting.

Clean Commercial Kitchen EquipmentAccumulated filth and food remains interfere with the performance of your kitchen devices. It is important that these tools are always clean to prevent your customers from getting poisoned, as well.  This is why restaurant kitchens must always be clean and tidy.  Washing your commercial cooking equipment and even appliance prevents the build-up of dirt that can trigger food-borne illnesses. If your restaurant is noticeably tidy, this will make an excellent impression on your customers and even get referrals. Commercial kitchen equipment functions properly and will be at its best when you maintain it.  Are you looking for ways on how to clean commercial kitchen equipment?

Clean Commercial Kitchen EquipmentCleaning a toaster oven

Commercial Oven Toasters or kitchen toasters are very helpful in a restaurant business. However, oven toasters tend to be tricky when it comes to cleaning and they are quite messy especially if your toaster doesn’t have a crumb holder section. So, how can you clean your oven toaster? Below are some guidelines:

  • First, you must turn off your oven toaster before you start cleaning it. Let it cool and leave the toaster lid open.
  • Once it’s cool, take off the crumb tray and soak it in dishwashing soap and scrub it gently with an nonabrasive cleaning sponge.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe down the inside of your commercial kitchen oven. Clean it using warm water with soap help remove the grease in your oven.
  • Let the oven dry before placing the tray inside the oven and also before plugging it.

Clean Commercial Kitchen EquipmentStainless Steel Toaster Cleaning

Nowadays, stainless steel kitchen equipment are becoming popular since they are more durable than those of the old kinds of kitchen equipment. They are stain and corrosion resistant but they are dirt like grease, food crumbs and even fingerprints, which will not be appealing to customers especially if your kitchen is open to the customers. Below are a few tips in cleaning it:

  • Unplug the kitchen oven toaster before you start cleaning it. Let it cool and once it is, remove the crumb tray and soak it to water with dishwashing soap.
  • Wipe the inside and outside of the stainless steel oven with vinegar and after that, wipe it with a clean cloth damped in warm water.
  • Once the toaster is dry, replace the parts of the toaster inside. You may also wipe the outside of the toaster with baby oil to make it shine.

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