Types of Catering Operations: The Pros and Cons

Types of Catering

If you are going to start a restaurant or food related business, it’s very important for you to know the right ways to operate your food service business. If you are thinking about starting a catering business, or simply expanding an original one then you should research the pros and cons of each different type of catering to determine which style suits you best.

Time management, organisation and patience are all vital skills that you must have to succeed in catering.

Below is a list of the types of catering operations and its pros and cons.

Special Event Catering

Special event catering tends to provide food for receptions, weddings, anniversaries and large-scale parties. It usually involves the service and presentation of the food as well as aspects of event planning. Some event caterers specialise in one kind of event, while others do them all.


You can use different forms of creativity for planning and decorating for the event. Also, you can consider contracting with musicians, rental companies, florists and venues to increase your profits.


If you don’t enjoy this work, it can be very time-consuming, difficult and stressful. Many chefs are hesitant to go into event catering because the aspects do not appeal to them.

Types of CateringBusiness Catering

Business caterers tend to provide food service for lunches, business meetings, conferences, training sessions and corporate parties. This form of catering that is currently in high demand, but there is also a lot of competition in the market.


As opposed to lots of mobile caterers and different special event caterers who make most of their profits during the holiday season or summer, business food catering is in demand most of the time.

If your clients like what you do for them, they might ask you to cater their next meeting, an upcoming corporate party or a personal event.


Since events and corporate meetings are usually tempting to please everyone, you have limited ingredients in your cuisine that you can use.

Mobile Catering

Mobile catering is not done through contract, it actually moves from one place to another in a truck or van which is designed to carry commercial kitchen equipment and food.


This kind of catering business can be managed easily alongside a standard catering business or restaurant operation.


Since mobile caterers operate at multiple and different venues or locations often even in multiple cities, it’s very difficult to gain brand awareness and develop the loyal customer.


The Industrial Catering

Industrial caterers always provide meals for hospitals, schools, factories, prisons, universities, airlines and other types of institutions.


Service is out of the picture. Most facilities and institutions provide their food in a cafeteria-style service, or, in the case of airlines, through flight attendants.


Industrial caterers need to provide massive amounts of food; its difficult to maintain high standard of food quality.


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