5 Ways to Keep Halloween Customers at Your Bar  

Halloween is a growing tradition in Australia and your bar can reap the rewards of having a Halloween themed night. It can be a great way to attract new customers and bring some excitement to your regular patrons night.

Halloween is just days away!

Have you prepared your spooky decorations already? If you think decorations are enough, then you need to check out these ideas!

How To Keep Halloween Customers At Your Bar

Do you have Enough Glassware?

Running out of your glassware is scarier than a smashed pumpkin. Imagine what will happen if your bar lined up with customers, who are ready to hand over their cash for a Halloween drink. Except that you can’t give it to them because you weren’t well prepared. You wish you could, but you underestimated the crowd, and now you have to wait for others to finish their drink before you can satisfy the customer.


Spooky Halloween Decorations

You can always grab something from the Halloween shop, but it will always be better to get dressed as well, so that you are inclined to the fun your customers are in that moment. You can dress up anything you like, as long as its still scary!


Halloween barHow about a Costume Contest, Anyone?

Thanks to Halloween, it’s really appropriate to play dress-up no matter what your age is. When you promise a bar tab for the best costume, goblins the witches and ghouls come out from their cabinets. The costumed patrons will stick around to be judged and see who the winners are. Have entry forms handy for everyone that wants to enter and have your staff judge the competition. It sounds easy enough until you can’t choose a winner!


Afternoon Specials

Lunch  and afternoon Halloween specials can help the parents and those who don’t want to go out on Halloween evening brush off their cobwebs and also get into the spooky spirit. Lots of people want to have some Halloween libations, but some of them might have to do it a little earlier.


Change Up Your Bar Menu

You could easily rename some of your menu items to give your customers a festive feel, such as chicken strips to the witch’s fingers and orange juice with bloody orange drink. And since all of the ingredients are behind the bar, whipping up some Halloween cocktails like a brain hemorrhage or a corpse reviver is as easy as not building your house on an ancient Indian burial site.

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