Questions About Commercial Conveyor Oven Maintenance

Commercial Conveyor Oven

If you are running a commercial kitchen then chances are you may be using a commercial conveyor ovenThis article will show you how to maintain your commercial conveyor oven and keep it running successfully.

Commercial Conveyor OvenHow Often Should I Clean My Conveyor Oven?

According to Foodservice Equipment Reports Magazine, it’s necessary to perform some actions daily, though others can be reduced to weekly or monthly checkups.

During the daily maintenance, it’s important to make sure that cooling fans are operating at their highest capacity. Cleaning their air intake sockets with a stiff brush every day can prevent an otherwise costly electrical failure. When the fan is impaired, the components of the oven that need to be cooled can overheat. Some models can even experience total shutdown if the fans aren’t monitored.

It’s also recommended to use that brush to clean the product’s conveyor belt, as any leftover food debris can burn and negatively effect the taste and quality of future food.


Can I Spray The Conveyor Oven Directly?

It’s not advised to directly spray the equipment, as water or other liquids can get into the control panel of the equipment and cause damage. Instead, it’s better to wipe down what isn’t scrubbed with the brush with a mild detergent that’s approved for stainless steel. The oven’s exterior, crumb tray and guards should all receive this treatment.


What Should Be Done Weekly?

The equipment’s conveyor chamber should be checked every week. You may be able to remove the belt assembly to get better access to some debris inside. You should also check conveyor belt links for any damage that can affect the motor, clean hot-air ducts, inspect any cords and hoses for wear and tear and make sure all cover panel fasteners are covered. If they aren’t some can have their safety switches triggered, which can lead to production downtime.


Is There Any In-Depth Maintenance Necessary?

If you’re not sure about their ability to do so, they can be covered with high-temperature-resistant grease. Belts should have their tensions monitored to prevent stretching as well.


What About Monthly Maintenance?

Clean the interiors of the ovens and their vents, and make sure there’s no grease buildup in the flues.

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