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commercial dishwasher | Conveyor Dishwasher

In order for a restaurant business and other food service businesses to succeed, these establishments need to have the right commercial kitchen equipment from a conveyor dishwasher to commercial oven and even tabletops. If one important kitchen equipment or restaurant appliance is missing, then this could start problems in the restaurant system or working process of the restaurant staff. One of the most useful tools in restaurant kitchens are the conveyor dishwasher and here are the reasons why:

Conveyor DishwasherDishwasher Shortcomings

The usual conveyor dishwasher needs to get loaded manually by putting one piece at a time, and then carefully stacking the plates and utensils to avoid overlaps that can also cause the gaps in the water coverage.
Additionally, the conveyor dishwashing machines can clean the kitchen utensils by spraying them with loads of water, which means that the cookware is not fully covered in water. If you have five gallon stock pot that was used to cook chilli and its been burbling away in for a day, you may not be able to clean it by placing it in the dishwasher. That kind of cleanup requires a long soak in hot, soapy water before you can even think about tackling the residue at the bottom of the pot.

The new kind is the continuous motion conveyor dishwasher, which can replace the standard three compartment pan and pots soak sink. This eliminates the need to hand scrub it and this conveyor dishwasher saves up to 50% cost on labor. The free rotation of wares in front of the patented parallel wash jets offer efficient, consistent and effective cleaning available for pots and pans. The back to front rotation facilitates an ergonomical method of unloading

Better Cleaning Through Science

The magic behind the new conveyor dish washing system is very simple in concept. By combining a constant rolling motion, the hot water and low foaming dish washing  soap, the dish washing  machine can be able to gently roll your pans and pots while soaking these utensils simultaneously. It’s combination is so powerful, that it can also deal with even tougher kitchen tasks like cleaning oven parts and grease filters that would make a human dishwasher turn white.

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