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Every bar needs the right kitchen equipment to make their service efficient without taking out the quality of their meals. You must be serving cold drinks when they ought to be cold and hot drinks when they are expecting to be hot. Of course, most bars and restaurants offer cold drinks which is why commercial bar fridges are very essential to commercial kitchens, as they help the staff pull out the best service every time. Here are five must-have equipment for bars.

Under the Bench Fridge

You will be needing at least one glass door under the counter refrigeration area wines and beers. You will need to have another one, to keep your ingredients away from the table. The glass door refrigeration units are also an important part of the bar operation; your customers are likely to order drinks based on what they foresee than from your drink list. Make sure that the bar have space for an attractive and easily visible presentation of your commercial bar fridges.

commercial bar fridges



Blenders are efficient and essential in making great and different kinds of drinks. If your bar serves numerous cocktails, then you need to have a quality commercial blender to keep you going. If you have a high-capacity bar operation, then you may want to invest in more than one.

Ice Shaver

Bars and restaurants need ice shaver to make cool drinks. It’s an equipment that you can keep behind the bar, as well.

Cash Register

Every staff gets busy especially during peak hours, which is why keeping a cash register behind your bar is beneficial. If you’re tracking sales and inventory, then keep it as straightforward as possible.


If the bar isn’t very close to a fully equipped kitchen, then you might want to include a dishwasher below, as well.

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