Why you Should Launch A New Franchise Location In 2015

Launch A New Franchise location

In terms of the laborious numbers, franchise restaurants are enjoying improved sales and traffic. In fact, according to Black Box Intelligence, traffic grew by 0.4% in October, that is that the 1st monthly traffic increase since Feb 2012, and sales area unit solely expected to grow from there.


Launch A New Franchise location“Franchise restaurants are enjoying improved sales and traffic.” that is why you should launch a new franchise location.

Safety In Numbers

For people that haven’t been within the restaurant game before, partnering up with a franchise is a superb call. Not solely does one get to draw on the wealth of promoting data that your parent company has accumulated over the years, you’re additionally spared the burden of building a whole associated establishing an identity. These pitfalls are the undoing of the many severally in hand restaurants, and by having somebody else to require care of the small print, house owners and operators will pay longer that specialise in native operations. due to this, franchise restaurants area unit typically less possible to fail than severally in hand operations. per the Houston Chronicle, some franchises have failure rates as low as seven-membered, whereas half-hour of severally in hand operations fail inside the primary 5 years.

Standardisation of apparatus

With franchises, stability and brand support come at the price of autonomy. If you would like to open a franchise, you’ve got to fulfil certain standards therefore your restaurant is not only on par, but produces virtually the same image of your sister locations. This implies that there will be a very specific list of restaurant equipment and supplies that you will need to acquire before you can open shop. This equipment is generally related to the style of food that you are going to be cooking

 Launch A New Franchise Location

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