How To Best Present Your Beer – The Three C’s of Beer

how to best present your beer

Just like pearls and diamonds which have their own three important C’s; the colour, cut and clarity, a beer has its own important elements that should be highlighted properly. Presenting a beer’s three best qualities properly; the colour, clarity and carbonation is exactly what makes customers excited about when ordering a pint. Let’s start Highlighting the Three C’s of to best present your beer



How To Best Present Your Beer

The best method to highlight the colour in beer is to make sure that its presentation is as as pleasing as you can offer it. The correct type of glasses must be chosen in order to highlight the colour and qualities of beer, and in many cases, locations should focus on getting multiple types that can be used for specific brands of beer.

Of course, the first thing a beer drinker will notice when they have ordered a beer will be the colour of it. The way beer is made gives it a certain aura, and every type of it is usually different from the other.


When you are presenting a beer, you should focus on the clarity that requires a location of beer taps to be clean. Your location must be capable of holding a beer dispenser of the different kinds of beer that you wish to offer your customers.  While the beer could have been filtered over time, having beer taps that can filter in the long run could be highly useful in many to best present your beer


Of course, beer are almost always carbonated, yet they differ through their presentations. This makes the beer define its taste and quality as it gives the right level of foam. The lighter beers and darker beers can be heavily carbonated depending on how they were made.
Choose to focus on the right beer supplies and equipment so you can improve the long-term visibility and reception of the types of beer you want to offer customers. Once you’ve focused on these three elements of beer presentation, then you can have plenty of positive benefits for any foodservice business.


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