Tabletop Designs Focus on Simplicity

Tabletop Designs Focus on Simplicity

If you are planning to start a restaurant business, you need to check out for the commercial kitchen equipment that you need, the appliance, furniture and equipment for the restaurant. Whether it’s for indoor or outdoor furnishings, you must pick the right ones that will suit with your menu items and restaurant theme. Let’s talk about tabletop designs focus on simplicity.

Currently, tabletop is described in one word: simplicity. As we all know, taking anything off the restaurant table is as important as what is being placed on it. Some dining establishments follow the traditional rules of keeping up with the tabletop design; while others are have a more casual approach to their tabletop design. So, how about your restaurant? How do you set your restaurant tables? Do you think that less is more?

Tabletop Designs Focus on Simplicity

Tabletop Designs Focus on Simplicity

Traditional Table Settings

The standard table settings usually use different types of utensils and glasses which results in what appears to be a crowded table.  The reason for this is that by keeping the table set up simple, so that the customers have a chance to focus on their food.

Textured White Plates

Most restaurateurs recommend a classic looking and white dinner plate with curved, raised or carved edging and a subtle texture.  When it comes to the flatware, the same rule applies. Restaurateurs believe less is more. Restaurant operators and owners want flatware that has weight and can make a statement, but it still has to be priced within the budget.


Glassware Makeover

Tabletop Designs Focus on SimplicityGlassware is getting a makeover as well. It’s important to select one wineglass that has great presence.


Menu and Tabletop Presentation Go Hand-in-Hand

When restaurants are putting together a tabletop design, you need to consider the restaurant ambiance and its atmosphere, as well as the menu. The way a tabletop is set can usually affect the customer’s value of the restaurant, and it can influence the way the menu items are priced.


Casual Dining

Concepts like barbeque restaurants tend to go off the beaten path when it comes to flatware, glassware and accessories. Some dining establishments roll the flatware in a napkin rather than the usual table setting. Others use disposable or plastic flatware. There are also some restaurants that skip flatware entirely. That’s right—eating with your hands is accepted and even encouraged at some establishments.


Rule Breakers

The traditional way of setting a table will never go away. There will always be restaurants that follow formal table setting guidelines. Then again, for every restaurant that follows the rules, there will always be those establishments that relish breaking them. At these places, using mismatched plates and colorful dinnerware is the name of the game.

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