Sous-vide cooking, an indispensable technique for your kitchen

Sous-vide cooking

Sous-vide is a cooking method of cooking the food by sealing it in  an airtight plastic bag and placing it in a water bath before searing it quickly. Many people who have tasted a food cooked with this method say it has actually become an indispensable cooking technique for the modern kitchen and we are very happy to announce that we have a great range of sous-vide cooking options available at Procook now.

Sous-vide cooking presents benefits related to the quality of products and it has numerous organisational  and economic benefits.

The main benefit of sous-vide cooking is the ability to accurately control temperature; hence it usually allows you to obtain more tender and tasty food, with better texture. Its an ideal cooking technique to make sure that the your food is properly cooked without overcooking the outside of your protein. As a result, you will be able to minimalise the loss of weight  and moisture of the food.Sous-vide cooking


Another great benefit of sous-vide cooking is it allows the preservation of the nutrients and vitamins of the food, as its water-soluble substances are not lost in the water. Additionally, flavours and aroma are enhanced, the colours are also retained and the tenderness is improved. Little or not fat is required during cooking, which makes the dish even healthier. Finally, sous-vide cooking ensures consistent results every time a dish is cooked so you will be able to serve the same quality to all your customers.

From an operational and economic point of view, sous-vide cooking also has numerous benefits. It allows preparing dishes in advance, making work organization easier and enabling you to plan ahead and offer a wider variety of dishes. From starter to dessert, several meals can be regenerated simultaneously in the same bath, improving productivity and reducing clean up time. Finally, the machine is extremely easy to use and only requires a minimal training of the staff.


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