Robot Coupe R402 4.5L Cutter Mixer & Vegetable Slicer



2 Machines in 1 !
A cutter bowl and a vegetable preparation attachment on the same motor base.

Processing Capacity:

  • Large Hopper Feed head (area: 104 cm) for processing large vegetables such as celeriac, cabbage, lettuce.
  • Cylindrical hopper (diameter 58mm) designed for long and fragile vegetables.
  • 4 litres stainess steel cutter bowl for emulsifying, grinding, chopping kneading.

Wide Range Cut:

  • Complete collection of 28 stainless steel discs to satisfy all your requirements such as slicing, julienne, ripple cutting and grating as well as dicing and making french fries for the R402 AND R402 V.V. models.

Robust :

  • Industrial induction motor for heavy duty use guarantees durability and reliability
  • The metal motor base, stainless steel cutting bowl and stainless steel vegetable preparations bowl guarantee durability.

In Brief:

  • Efficient, robust and fast, the range of Robot-Coupe Food processor’s (12 models) will satisfy all the Professionals
    requirements for establishments serving from 10 to 400 covers.
  • It will be a reliable and time saving investment.