Robot Coupe CL 50 Gourmet Vegetable Preparation Machine



Exclusive : CL50 Gourmet allows you to make 5 new waffle and dicing cuts of exceptional quality. These cuts are difficult and time consuming to prepare by hand, but now they can be achieved quickly and perfectly every time. Take advantage of the range of 48 different discs and give your imagination free reign to dream up some exciting new recipes.

Large feed hopper 132 cm2 to cater for bulky vegetables such as cabbage and celeriac.

Removable container for processing brunoise or waffles in small quantities and facilitate the cleaning operations. Capacity: 600 gr of potatoes in brunoise 3x3x3 mm.

Removable collection tray for small quantities of diced vegetables. Also ensures easier cleaning. Capacity: 600 g potatoes 3x3x3 mm.

Wide variety of cuts Extensive collection of precision-sharpened discs for flawless cutting quality

5 new cuts 2 sizes of waffle and 3 sizes of dice.


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