Issues When Choosing Cafe Tables

Choosing Cafe Tables

Tables probably aren’t on the top of your mind when opening a cafe, however the tables that you select for your cafe are very important. Tables can help to set the mood and feel of your cafe, whether it be rustic or new and modern, the type of table you choose can define a customers view of your cafe. Tables are the place that customers are going to spend the most time at in your cafe. They will be taking note of them while they are consuming their food and drinks, so it’s fair to say that tables will leave a lasting impression on you customers.

In order to help you make an informed decision when it comes to café tables, here the three issues when choosing cafe tables:

Make a decision based on the mood you want to create
When choosing the furniture for your restaurant, you need to pick the ones that would define the food and style of your restaurant or cafe, and as tables were placed up the space, these can set the kind of mood you wanted to create.

In order for you to create the mood that you want your restaurant to look and feel like, you can talk to your friends and ask them what they want with a cozy, native or modern kind of cafe and restaurant. The opinions of other people and guests will really help you define and choose the right things for your cafe.

Choosing Cafe Tables

Choosing Cafe Tables

Durable Tables
The Style of the table is an important choice when choosing tables, yet thinking about the durability of it is also vital when purchasing a cafe table. The tables would be used everyday, so you want to make sure that the tables can withstand all of the knocks plus the spills.
There are Café tables manufacturers that creates tables made of solid steel and heavy metal bars that are strong and tough, although this can mean they will be heavy to lift and hard to move, this may be both positive and negative. If you would rather use wooden tables in your cafe or bar, then you could treat the tables withvarnish, this will help the tables last longer and it can also be placed outside the cafe.

For tables which are created for outside use, it may be a good idea to choose the tables that were made with resin composite. These tables will be able to provide durability against all kinds of weather conditions and this type of table comes in lots of colours. You must make sure that your tables will be stain, fade, burn and scratch resistant and the tables must be designed with ease of cleaning in mind.

The Size and Shape
Cafe tables come in different shapes and a variety of sizes. Finding the right size and shape for your café should not be a difficult task. The Square topped style of cafe table are popular compared to round tables, because they have better shape for any place setup plus they can be pushed together to make larger tables. Cafe’s often purchase and use big tables to fill the corner areas; which provides a space for large groups and also makes the layout a little more varied. Whilst it is tempting to fit as many tables as possible into your space, don’t forget to make sure there is enough room between them for customers and staff to move around, even when every table is at full capacity.

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