How to make the Restaurant Drive through Experience Better

drive through experience

Most restaurants have drive through windows since this option makes it easier for people to grab their meal and head to their place on time. Drive-through usually offer a better display of menu, easier time of ordering and a personalized service with the use of digital technology. Even with thelittle changes in the drive-through experience can add up to big profits for restaurateurs. Managers are already using mobile applications, digital displays and usually better trained staff are ready to deliver a better ordering experience to each of their customers.

drive through experience


So, how can you make the restaurant drive through experience high quality? Here are some ideas from Procook.

Better drive through experience tips:

Enhance the Mobile Application Service

You should be able to allow your customers to order online or place their orders even before they get in line. Some mobile applications can use the customers GPS information to synchronize having the order ready when a car arrives to get the ordered food. Customers can also prepay their orders, so all they need to do is pick up their order. This is something that customers would want in a restaurant.

Touchscreens and Digital Signage

The customers will be able to read clearly if your signage and menu are digital. You should also make sure that your menu can be read easily with the use of mobile phones. Customers also love touchscreen menus, since all they would need to do is to touch the food they want to order and add what they would love to have as condiments, drinks or sides.
Saves from Time and Gas
While waiting, your customers can park at the parking lot while waiting for their food. They don’t have to line up anymore which saves them time and energy using their drive through experience. They can also choose to eat the ordered food at the parking lot if they want to.

So, are you thinking about ways on how you can help guests have a better drive through experience?

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