How do I know what I need for my new restaurant?

need for my new restaurant

Need for my new restaurant tips

The need for my new restaurant can be a tedious, and expensive process. The prices of new restaurant equipment are staggering, especially if you are new to the business. If you are outfitting a brand new restaurant, you will need everything from a commercial oven range to industrial grade dining tables and chairs, to dishwashers, flatware and everything in-between.

The bulk of financing a new restaurant comes from stocking it. Below is a breakdown of the different areas of stocking a restaurant, and tips for saving money, either up front or over the lifetime of your restaurant.

Buying New Equipment

They say the first rule of opening a new restaurant is new is not always better. While this may be true, you must remember that if you don’t purchase new equipment, you will probably not get any warrenty. If your item does happen to be in the warrenty time period, you may want to rethink this because many warrenties are voided with a change of ownership. Not to mention that used equipment generally will not be delivered and installed to you by professionals, and it is alot more difficult to move used equipment that is not packed neatly in a box, with instructions, warrenty, extra cables etc. If you purchased used equipment and it fails on you in 6 months, the cost of a repairman can be more expensive than the original cost of new equipment.

The same goes for the furniture that your customers will be sitting and eating on. While it may be cheaper to purchase second hand equipment, would you be impressed if you went to a new restaurant or cafe and all the tables and chairs had marks, staines and wobbley legs?

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Keep Catering Equipment Handy

Both on and off-premise catering offers restaurants a chance to expand business beyond their dining room. Just like running a restaurant, catering outside of a restaurant requires a lot of attention to detail and organization, as well as select pieces of equipment. While your restaurant may have much of the equipment needed for catering, like plates, glasses and flatware, there are certain pieces of commercial equipment needed to serve food safety and efficiently at catered events. It is good to have a relationship with your stockist or supplier. This way they are only a phonecall away to restock items, or in some cases they will prompt you with a phonecall every few months to check up on you.


Once you are open for business, your restaurant kitchen should be busy, so it is important to have plan for keeping it in clean, smooth running order. This comes back to having the best Commercial Cooking Equipment in Brisbane, as better quality equipment will be easier to maintain.


Advertising is a must for most new restaurants. Don’t overlook the power of a good website for your restaurant. Use social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, to spread the word about your new place.

HACCP Auditing

The HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Point) program, is designed specifically for commercial food distribution and restaurants.

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