Guide to Cleaning Glass Display Cabinets

glass display cabinet

If you are going to open a restaurant, then you need to know what things you should have in your establishment. It is vital to know what could help you build your brand and what you should not have in the restaurant. Sometimes, overthinking can lead to a negative result, this is why you should stick to what you think is important in your restaurant.

A Glass display cabinet can help improve any kind of restaurant. This offer many advantages that is associated with selecting the kinds of restaurant fittings. Glass display cabinet is an excellent way to place your products and valuable goods without obscuring your customers’ view of the restaurant products and this equipment can help increase productivity which turns into sales.

Customers believe that the products that are on the glass display cabinet have higher value, as they are stored in a securely, which may  be able to encourage them to splash out on the products that they feel more desirable. Customers tend to purchase the restaurant products because they are usually getting attention from the restaurant staff when looking at the products inside the glass display cabinet.

How To Clean the Glass Display Cabinet

It is highly recommended that you clean your glass display cabinet everyday to avoid the growth of bacteria that could start from moist and food residue. So, how can you get a very clean glass display cabinet? Here are some ways:

glass display cabinet


First is you need to spray the glass cabinet with a fine mist while you are moving your hand from left to right from the top to bottom of the glass with a sweeping motion as you are spraying the mist. Using the micro fibre cloth rub all over to clean the glass. Then, buff over the glass with our your Window Wizard micro fibre cloth to leave a beautiful shiny lint free finish. You can also rub the glass using a newspaper after cleaning it with the mist to be able to get a nice output.

Lastly, is to clean the inside of the glass display cabinet before displaying the refrigerated goods:

You must spray the glass with a fine mist while moving your gloved hand from left to right over the glass with a sweeping motion as you are spraying the glass. Using a micro fibre cloth buff it in with firm circular motions. This will make a big difference with controlling the ever annoying condensation.

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