Common Foodservice Accidents to Avoid

Foodservice Accidents

A commercial kitchen is operated at a very fast pace. With such a busy work environment accidents are bound to happen. Without the proper safety measures in place those accidents could become a lot more sever than they originally would have been.

This article addresses some of the most common foodservice accidents and a few precautions to avoid making them.

Common Foodservice Accidents to Avoid

Broken Dishes


To avoid breaking dishes, don’t over fill dish racks or put glasses on a non-glass rack. Also, do not store bar glasses above ice bins, etc.  In case of emergencies, keep a broken glass bucket readily available because broken glass should not be put into the trash. When you need to pick up broken glasses, try to use broom and a dust pan rather than picking those glasses with your bare hands.




This is common when using fryers and oil filtering. It is very important to use proper outfit when you are cooking. You also need to be aware of the things you need to do when you accidentally get burns like ointment.



Common Foodservice Accidents to Avoid

The knives should be kept sharpened as dull knives cut more people.  You need to keep in mind that you shouldn’t grab falling knives.  Looking to another aspect, some cooking equipment requires guards or locks.  Make sure that machinery has the proper safety equipment and is used. You also need to keep a “first aid kit” near your operating area.


Food Contamination


Employees should wear gloves, practice proper hand washing techniques, use coloured coded boards and have a separate area for raw meat prep.  And on another note, employees should understand the importance of heating/cooling food properly.


Improper lifting techniques


This is very common with disposing garbage cans, dollies, lifting in the dish area, etc. When lifting heavy containers, you should bend your knees first before lifting or use a rolling trolley.


Slips, Trips and fall


Employees should always wear proper non-slip footwear, which comes with their uniform.  Also, employees should not mop floors without drying afterward. Place floor signs after mopping the floor to avoid accidents at workplace.


Slicer Equipment Injuries


If you have a meat slicer on the premise, do not allow employees to use it until they have been directly trained to use, clean, breakdown, sanitise and reassemble the equipment safely and completely all the time.


It is very important that the employees know the next thing to do when they meet an accident in the workplace.


If you found this article helpful make sure you share it with your colleagues to help make the foodservice industry a little bit safer.

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