How to Choose the Best Commercial Dishwasher for Your Restaurant

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commercial dishwasherSelecting the appropriate commercial dishwashers for your restaurant kitchen will certainly make a difference when it comes to having clean dishes for your customers during a busy day. You have to know the advantages of having dishwashing equipment around before you skip it.

What Size Do I Need?

So, what size of dishwasher would you need? Initially, what is the expected number of meals will be served daily at your restaurant? Second, think about the overall variety of dishes used per guest. Lastly, a busy service turns over tables more regularly than a sluggish one so figure out an average amount of tables turned. Right here is a useful graphic from our Dishwasher Purchasing Guide.

commercial dishwasher guide

Exactly what Sanitising Approach is Best for My Facility?

There are 2 types of sanitising systems for dishwashers that act in various methods.

High Temperature level sanitising dishwasher uses heat to sterilise dishes and glasswares. This type of dishwasher requires a booster heater to raise the temperature of a final rinse to 180. When looking for a dishwasher, ensure you check to see if a booster heater features the machine, or if you have purchased one individually. Heat sterilising dries dishes more effectively and does not damage flatware or plastics. The only downside of heat sanitising is that they make use of somewhat more energy than a chemical sterilising machine, however you do not need to purchase chemicals.

Chemical Sanitising makes use of a chemical bath to sanitise dishes and glass wares. This Dishwashing method minimises water heating energy expenses. Chemical sterilising does need the month-to-month purchase of chemicals, and is less efficient at cleaning when washing grease-laden items. Dishes could not dry out successfully when making use of chemical sterilising if the humidity in dish room is high.

Is Energy Efficiency a Concern?

Operators should understand the additional costs, or savings, of energy when picking a dishwasher for their dining establishment. Purchasing the most energy reliable dishwashers can have a huge impact on total energy use.

Dishwashers are ranked on water performance by the amount of water per rack cleaned. They can likewise eat as much as one-third of the energy used in operations due to the cost to raise water temperature. Choosing a device with lower water usage will certainly assist the operator increase performance.

Searching for more energy saving pointers?

• Turn your device off at night.
• Change torn wash curtains.
• Repair service leakages.
• Change used spray heads.

Energy Star rates an industrial dishwasher based upon energy efficiency and water use. If a dishwasher has an Energy Star score they are on average 25% even more energy and water reliable than basic devices.

As you can probably see, there is a lot to consider before purchasing a new commercial dishwasher. If it all still seems a bit much don’t hesitate to contact our product consultants on 07 3868 4964. They are experts and can help you with all your kitchen needs.

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