5 Ways to Keep Your Customers Cool

Ways to Keep Your Customers Cool

Summertime comes every year and it’s very important to keep your customers cool and comfortable while dining in your restaurant. Of course, we all know how hot summer time can be in Australia. Keeping your customers cool will help them feel more comfortable in your establishment and will enjoy their dining experience much more.

Below are some of the ways to keep your customers cool during the hot, sunny weather.

Ways to Keep Your Customers CoolHydrate with Water

We all know it’s very important to get enough water into your body, especially when it’s scorching outside.  Thankfully, this is one of the best, easiest and even cheapest way to keep your guests and employees healthy, comfortable and happy.


Tip:  Water Coolers are a great investment to keep your staffs from dehydration while pretty, tall and classy glasses can actually help make water a bit more appealing to guests.

Eat your Greens

A nice cool salad may sound like a perfect way to cool off, but there is actually more to the cooling effect than just cold veggies.  The calcium from vegetables can help keep your brain in contact with the rest of your body to make sure you don’t overheat.  Salads are also a great idea for menu during the summer months because there are so many different fruits and vegetables are in season, making them a bit cheaper, yet fresher tasting.

Product Tip:  After washing your lettuce and any other vegetables, throw them in a Salad Spinner or Dryer to make sure they’re dry and will grab hold of any dressing you might use.


Ways to Keep Your Customers CoolHydrate with Food

If filling guests up on water sounds like an opportunity for money loss, well, its rest assured that there are also other great ways to keep the customers hydrated.  Foods like cucumbers and watermelon are also full of water and these are in prime season during the hot, summer months.


Beat the Heat with Spice

I know this may sound a little crazy, but spicy food can actually help cool you us off.  Think of the hot weather in countries like Mexico and India, and then think about the different kinds of food they eat.  Food ingredients like curry powder and chilli pepper are very popular in these places because they help increase sweat.


Tip: Don’t forget to prepare these spicy menus and wear gloves while making them, especially while your cutting up chilies and handling peppers.


Don’t forget to use Ice

Ways to Keep Your Customers CoolIt may not be a good idea to encourage your customers to fill up on your frozen margaritas while they are out in 100°+ heat.  As a matter of fact, the alcohol actually speeds up the dehydration according to the U.S. Army Medical Department.   Instead, you can help them feel cool and comfort them down by offering a non-alcoholic drink alternative if they are tasty enough diners may not even miss the alcohol.


Product Tip: Instead of crushing the ice yourself or burning out the motor on your food blender, try using an ice shaving machine like the Bromic Modular Flake Ice

These tips are just a few great ways to keep your customers cooler and more comfortable this summer.

Have a fail-proof recipe or idea for staying cool in during the sweltering summer months?  Share your thoughts with us below.


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