2014 Top Trending Menu Items

2014 Top Trending Menu Items

Do you love to eat in restaurants? What are your favourite dishes? Do you want to know what are 2014 top trending menu items?Do you think the dishes you’re serving will still be valuable this year? If you want to know the dishes your customers are craving right now then keep reading this article.

2014 Top Trending Menu ItemsMost of us will choose to order foods in our favourite restaurant, whether its breakfast. Lunch or dinner, especially if we don’t have the time to make one. However, some customers are moving away from styles of foods and will buy less in the coming years. So, which types of dishes can make it through this year’s list of the best foods?

2014 Top Trending Menu Items List:

The main course winner is chicken:

Chicken, according to the report, accounts for 31 percent of all main courses at restaurants. This is mostly because of its cost-effectiveness, universal appeal and use as a staple of a variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultures worldwide.

Small plates:

It’s a new trend growing this year because of the appeal of little plates. More restaurants are shifting away from structured meals, which include large main courses, as restaurant consumers significantly choose variety, as well as the capacity to share and order different items with their buddies.

Healthy choices, while popular, are still restricted:

Though restaurant consumers continuously stress their wish for healthier selections while dining out, healthy and balanced alternatives in restaurants are still limited. It will be interesting to see if restaurants can step up the difficulty to offer customers calorie-conscious food selection in the years to come.

All-day eating and also morning meal:

Who doesn’t love being able to order an omelet or pancakes, anytime? Expect to see more restaurants this year, offering all-day dining and breakfast items served well past 11 AM.

Craft beer:

Maybe not a surprise, yet craft beers will certainly stay as a very hot trend this year as regional and micro-breweries continuously attract craft beer connoisseurs as well as foodies that take beer consuming rather seriously!


BBQ is an up and coming trend we can anticipate to keep seeing, and also why wouldn’t it? It’s one of The state’s favorite, and oh yeah, BBQ goes terrific with craft beer, right?

Artisan coffee:

Artisan coffee is now in high demand, and as a result, you can find more coffee choices on restaurant menus. Artisan coffees, which are grown and roasted in smaller quantities, appeal to the unique tastes and preferences of more consumers, while at the same time focus on sustainable growing practices.

Gluten-free labeling:

This year, you will also find more gluten-free labeling on menus, as more consumers seek gluten-free diets as part of their overall healthy lifestyle.


As today’s consumers seek more value and affordability, all-you-can-eat salads, soups, pastas, etc. are expected to grow in prominence on restaurant menus.

Street food:

These days, you can get quite a gourmet culinary experience from a food cart or food truck. Street food, which can be casually enjoyed, without compromising quality and taste, is just what consumers are looking for this year.

Trends to say goodbye to:

And finally, there are a couple of foods that are not long for the future, according to this report. They consist of bubble tea, premium hot dogs and also fruit bars. So enjoy them while they’re still about!

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